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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Happy Birthday to Seve!

Last week, it was Seve's birthday, and no birthday would be complete without a birthday cake. Seve's brithday was no exception, and his cake reflected the true spirit of this site, being a completely edible poker set (complete with foil covered chocolate poker chips!!!). Check out the picture of the cake.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Extreme Poker Fun in Alton Towers

Theme parks, such as Alton Towers, are pretty fun places. But why not make them even more fun by playing a bit of Extreme Poker whilst your there? That's exactly what Seve did when he went to Alton Towers recently with his mates James and Phil. Here are a selection of photos taken during their visit.

Here's James contemplating his next move after the river card is dealt. This picture was taken on the Skyride jsut after departure from the Ug Land station. The "Ug Swinger" can be seen in the background through the window.

Here's Seve deciding what to do after the river card was dealt (see previous photo for what the community cards were). Seve ends up winning that hand with three of a kind 4s.

Here's Seve on the "Congo River Rapids" trying his hardest to concentrate on the game in hand whilst getting soaked from the water crashing over the sides of the raft.

A great thing about theme park rides is that the majority of them have on-ride photography facilities to take photos of the riders on their journey on-board the ride. Seve, James and Phil made full use of this facility to record their game of Extreme Poker whilst on-board the "Congo River Rapids". If you look closely, you will see that Phil has 7 4 of hearts.

Silly Balancing Toy Fun

Here is a picture of Dino playing poker whilst trying to balance on an "Indo-Board", which is kind of like a skateboard deck balancing on top of a big cylinder, the idea behind which is to try to help improve one's balance. Unfortunately, because this is only a still picture and not a video, we don't get to see what happened to Dino a few seconds after the photo was taken (a union between Dino and the ground if you were wondering).

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Some Holiday Pics from Tenerife

Here are a selection of photos taken during a holiday to Tenerife in June 2006. Looking at the pictures, you may be thinking "that can't be Tenerife, it's not sunny". Well, that's exactly what we thought every single day that we were there, as the weather for the entire week was cloudy, rather than the scorching hot sunshine that one would expect there.

Seve and Dino playing a bit of Extreme Poker on the beach in Playa de Las Americas

Dino and Seve using a lilo as a makeshift poker table whilst other holiday makers swim around them.

Dino playing some Extreme Poker at the bottom of the swimming pool at the Palm Beach Club hotel in Playa de Las Americas

Seve also enjoying a spot of under water Extreme Poker.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Essential Tool for Extreme Poker Players

The equipment needed to enjoy a spot of Extreme Poker is fairly limited; all you really need is a deck of cards, some chips, and of course, a camera to record the event. Whilst a deck of cards and a set of chips may not seem like a lot to carry round, there will inevitably be times when it is just not practical or possible to carry these round with you. However, we have come across a great little piece of equipment that any budding Extreme Poker enthusiast should not be without; The Poker Keychain!!!

What is it?
The Poker Keychain is quite simply everything you need to conduct a game of poker in one small, neat package. The keychain itself is roughly the size of about 5-6 beer mats stacked on top of each other. Lifting the lid off of the keychain reveals everything you need for a game of poker; a full deck of playing cards (including the jokers), and 4 sets of tiny chips in denominations of 1, 5 and 25. Whilst the number of chips provided won't be anywhere near enough for a full casino-style game, it is a perfect amount for a quick spot of Extreme Poker, or a sneaky game in the office when the boss is not looking.

But what about a table to play on I hear you cry? Well, for a true Extreme Poker enthusiast, that shouldn't be a problem, but if you would prefer to play poker on a table, then fear not! Reverse the lid of the Poker Keychain and extend the little fold-out legs from the bottom and hey presto, a table for you to play poker on, complete with an authentic casino-style green baize covering.

I think you'll agree that this ultra portable tool is an ingenious way of enjoying a game of poker absolutely anywhere, and it even keeps your keys safe too whilst your at it!

Here's a picture of Dino and Seve taking time out of their busy working day to enjoy a spot of Extreme Poker outside, using the Poker Keychain.

The Poker Keychain used by Dino and Seve was bought from www.boysstuff.co.uk . You can get one too by going to there now.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Welcome to Extreme Poker UK!!!

Hello everyone and welcome to ExtremePokerUK, a site dedicated to our new favourite pastime of Extreme Poker!!

What is Extreme Poker?

So what excatly is Extreme Poker we hear you ask? Extreme Poker is quite simply poker, but rather than being played in the more traditional surroundings of a casino or pub sat around a table, it is instead played in more "unusual" locations. Such locations can include pretty much anywhere, but generally expected to be places where you wouldn't normally expect anyone to play poker (see the picture below for an example). Extreme Poker can, however, be played in the more traditional surroundings, just as long as you are doing something out of the ordinary whilst playing (e.g. dressed as a pantomime horse, etc).

Why do such a thing?

The idea came whilst on a skiing trip to the resort of Tignes in the French Alps. After reading about the growing sport of Extreme Ironing, in which particiants go to great lengths to make one activity a lot more interesting by performing it in an unusual way, Seve had the thought "wouldn't it be great to play poker whilst out on the piste?". So, taking time out of a busy day's skiing to play a hand of poker at an altitude of 3,000 metres in the middle of a piste, as depicted in the above picture, the seeds for this new obsession were sown.

The aim of the game

The main aim of Extreme Poker is to have fun; whilst the standard rules of poker are adhered to wherever possible whilst playing, players are by no means expected to complete a full game of poker whilst participating in this alternative version of the game. In a lot of cases, playing a full game lasting a number of hours could prove dangerous, depending on the surroundings. Therefore, the main aim of Extreme Poker is the warm gloaty feeling that you will get when you can boast to your friends that you played poker at the top of a snow-capped mountain, for example. The only requirement is that photographic evidence of your poker exploits is obtained, otherwise, who in their right mind is going to believe you?

The main aim of this site is to act as a showcase for our Extreme Poker experiences, and to hopefully provide amusement to those of you lucky enough to stumble across this

Get involved

Whilst the majority of this site will mainly contain pictures of Seve, Dino, and friends on their quest for the Extreme Poker experience, we actively encourage you to
go out there and try some Extreme Poker for yourself. If you do take some good Extreme Poker pictures, please send them in, as we'd love to see them and add them alongside
our gallery on this site.

Happy Pokering!!!

Seve and Dino